Soy & Synth 2023

“South by South Sonic Serenade”

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Behold the captivating narrative of Soy&Synth, a wondrous sonic serenades tailored by the hands of the Berlin-based Indonesian art collective, Soydivision since 2018. Like a dissonance symphony echoing through the heart of the city, this grassroots event series has unfurled its vibrant petals since 2018, celebrating the avant-garde realms of experimental and improvised music. Emerging from the rich multiple souths diaspora diorama of Berlin, this format have dared to challenge convention and embrace the uncharted.

Stepping into the limelight once again in 2023, Soy&Synth prepares to cast its spell anew. This time, the cosmic threads of collaboration intertwine with it’s sibling L_KW, an auditory collective that wields sonic activism like a beacon of change. Joining this orchestration of experimentation is Midnightshift, a label and music emissary nestled in both Berlin's bustling heart and Singapore's vibrant pulse. But that's not all—the 2023 spectacle expands its horizons, forging fresh alliances with curatorial visionaries Kim Diana Vu of Decolonoize and Nicholas Kelly of Mixtape Menage, boraden hues of prespectives to its sonic palette.

Three ethereal concerts, a discourse session akin to intellectual lightning, and an audio zine—a vessel of immortalized soundscapes—compose this year's mosaic. Within its pages dwell the musings of thought leaders, the resonance of live concert ensembles, and the stirring narratives of the artists themselves. A symposium of culture and vision, a nexus where voices from the South/South East Asian, South American, and African diasporas harmoniously collide.

Dear splendid souls, let your imagination be the vessel as you traverse the labyrinthine corridors of Soy&Synth's evolution. For within its essence lies not just sound, but the very pulse of empathy and the promise of diasporic sonic futures yet unexplored.

Final curation 2023




Robert Machiri

Camila Nebbia

Klaas von Karlos

Elsa M'Bala


Marina Cyrino

David & Trang

Oyèmi Noize

M Takara



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