 SOY & SYNTH  #34 

Streaming from our Youtube Channel 
Saturday 27.03.2021
Start from : 19:00

Special   performance by JUMAEMBU and PETER KIRN

Soy & Synth, is Soydivision's monthly culinary and experimental music performance showcase. Soy, with its very general (some might say western) association with asian identity and its versatility, provides Soydivision with the culinary foundation, while the synthesizer plays an analogous role in the performances. As with all Soydivision events, there will be food inspired by their Indonesian background and their experiences living in Germany in general and Berlin in particular.



is the new project from Marcello Busato and Emma Juliard, never played in front of an audience but already recorded a video of their last improvisation.

"They sit in front of each other. One behind a drum kit and a myriad of bells and cymbals. The other behind hand-made instruments and effect pedals.

We all dive, with them, for the entire set, into their world, which is sustained by waves of rhythm and an ever shifting electronic drone which defines the color of each moment. Are we in the mountains ? Are we at a punk rock concert ? Probably in the depth of the Ocean…

The two musicians don’t talk but they become one within the music ; they sync breaks and breath, to take totally unexpected turns and shift amplitude, dynamics, speed, allowing us to reach a number of landscapes.

Listening to them play is like a travel through dark webs all the way up into the clouds within one long hike wearing magic boots."
text written by Manon Parent, after listening to a couple of experiences in february 2021

More about Emma‘s work 👉🏼 blacblob.qsdf.org

More about Marcello’s work 👉🏼 https://marcellosilviobusato.tumblr.com



Peter Kirn is a composer working with electronic media whose music spans experimental and club sounds, with releases on Detroit Underground, Wunderblock Records, Kotä Records, and his own Establishment, among others. He has collaborated with choreographers, fashion designers and spatial media, as well as playing live and DJing in some of the most notorious club venues in Berlin and Europe. At The City University of New York, he studied composition with Tania León and co-founded and co-directed the Graduate Center’s Contemporary Music Ensemble. He has created and writes daily at CDM (cdm.link), and co-created and markets the MeeBlip hardware synthesizer line. He continues to direct the MusicMakers Hacklab with CTM Festival and other partners since its first edition in 2013, as an open space for artists to invent new performance possibilities.