“Forever tweaking frequencies for your tongue 👅 and ears 👂”

#soyandsynth is soydivision.berlin and L-Klang-Werk (German sound art collective) series of pop up experience, where Indonesian inspired food meets live experimental music performance. Its mission is to draw the line between  “Synthesis” element in electronic music and “Synthesis” in social-culture landscape.

Ariel 0rah & Nindya Nareswari : “ORBA - ORLA” at Soy&Synth #03


S&S 01 : 30.06.2018, Berlin - Germany
S&S 02 : 20.07.2018, Berlin - Germany
S&S 03 : 22.09.2018, Berlin - Germany
S&S 04 : 10.11.2018, Berlin - Germany
S&S 05 : 29.12.2019, Bandung - Indonesia
S&S 06 : 12.01.2019, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
S&S 07 : 09.02.2019, Berlin - Germany

S&S 08 : 23.03.2019 Berlin - Germany
S&S 09 : 20.04.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 10 : 17.05.2019, Zürich - Switzerland
S&S 11 : 25.05.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 12 : 22.06.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 13 : 17.07.2019, Vilnius - Lithuania
S&S 14 : 27.07.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 15 : 24.08.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 16 : 28.09.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 17 : 26.10.2019, Berlin - Germany


S&S 18 : 23.11.2019, Berlin - Germany
S&S 19 : 07.12.2019, Berlin - Germany

Soy&Synth #05 in Bandung

Soy&Synth #06 in Yogyakarta

How it integrates Innovation:

It is storytelling how we re-create and innovate our traditional Indonesian dishes and identity with the influence of the social-culture landscape we are living in, and inevitably technology intervention.

Example: Incorporates local vegetable such fennel in one of Gadogado’s (Indonesian signature peanut sauce salad) ingredients.

How it integrates Sustainability:

We’ve been focusing on circular design as a part of circular economy approach to sustainability for some time now. Our focus is on cities and how food value chain happens in each city. Cities can transform from black holes sucking in food, energy, and other resources to engines of a regenerative food system and bio-economy. The transition to a circular economy will see production which regenerates rather than harms the natural systems upon which it relies.  Food waste is designed out, and food by-products used to their highest values. We carry and promote this theme in every pop-up event we do. We look seriously at our food production chain, waste and life cycle, and examine each city’s unique food value chain.

Pairing two senses: taste&sound

Yes, these two are pretty well-known obsessions! We are trying to draw a bold line between doing and serving experimentation in food and sounds by emphasizing the SYNTHESIS process, with real music synthesizer actions! As we said “Forever tweaking frequencies for your tongue 👅 and ears 👂”